With Love For Self

Written By: K. Dynae
“It’s just me, your reflection… you don’t stop to see me for who I really am very much. Just wanted to ask, do you think you can make sometime to love me? Is it asking too much? Thanks.” -K.

Being honest with myself, I get overwhelmed, stressed out, and ever dangle my toes over the cliff called, “my wit’s end.” I have my days where I can’t seem to find anything good. It’s hard to keep pressing forward when I down talk myself and allow how others feel about me dictate my thoughts. I can now (after years of this) acknowledge, in so many ways, I would give up on myself instead of loving myself enough to be my own biggest fan. I’d put that energy into the universe, and it would then become a reality. It took decades (I find this amusing because I’m only 33) to learn how to take a moment to breathe and love myself in the present. To calm down long enough to ground myself in the fact that perfection is unrealistic and cannot take place.

The lessons that have came with my healing journey have honestly been hard pills to swallow. Learning that I am the only one responsible for my path has been the hardest thing to accept. I had to realize that I am responsible for the energy that comes from my own thoughts and I am the owner of that energy that goes into the universe. The way to defend my peace is to counteract the negativity with positivity affirming thoughts. Celebrate the small victories and remind yourself of the things that you have accomplished. Remind yourself of how resilient you really are. It took some time for me to realize that I may not be a blessing to everyone I meet, but I have been and will always be a blessing to myself. It didn’t happen overnight, but slowly whether it was for 3 minutes or an hour, I’d fulfill my moment of self-care by pouring love into myself.

To show self-love from within, constantly remind yourself who you are becoming and to accept who you may have once been. Reprogram how you think of yourself. I’ve said this once and I cannot repeat it enough. If you can’t honor yourself with love, respect and honesty, how can you expect an outside to do it? Take five minutes at some point in the day and love on you. Appreciate your journey and who you are. Remind yourself that you are loving. You are forgiving. You are thoughtful. You are resilient. You are persistent. You are doing and being. You are helpful and meaningful. You are accepting of peace. You are learning and open to endless possibilities of abundance.

As you continue throughout the day, remember this: You are worthy of peace. You are whole with loving yourself. You are courage and strength. Above all, you are the essence of your ancestors answered prayers of hope. If no one has told you today you are amazing, and you got this.

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