This...Is Your Moment!!!

Written by: K. Dynae


“Ok, Love. Grab your coffee and water. Adjust your crown to your liking. One last check in the mirror… Muah! Beautiful! You good? Iight. Now seize the day and let’s get to it!” -K.

We can somehow find 3 million reasons why it’s not going to work. We can say 2 million excuses for why it doesn’t make any sense. And yet, we ignore the one reason that matters. I think that’s how we get introduced to those feelings of regret. Instead of trusting the journey that we are on, we allow the detours to run amok. I’m not saying that some of those detours will not produce a desired outcome, but don’t you get tired of struggling and running in circles? Why be okay with settling, when you can be present to this time and space?

The matter of times you get knocked down isn’t the lesson that you were purposed for. It’s the experience of getting back up, that’s building your opportunity to conquer the next part of your journey. I could never sa this enough, but I’ll say it louder for the people in the back: THE MAIN GOAL IS TO SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF 100% OF THE TIME! That goes for brewing a cup of coffee in gratitude of the moment that you are in, all the way to that business you are starting. You can’t go out and change the world, if you can’t even make time to be there for you. 

I heard this awhile back, or maybe I could have read it somewhere: “If you won’t respect your own boundaries, then how do you expect someone else to?” Take a second and look back at everything you have overcome. Every time you were told no, and every time a door was closed. Look at you, breathing, healing, and falling in love with yourself all over again! This is your time. This is your moment. This is your season. Be present for what was already written is yours. Appreciate each second of each day and find gratitude in all that’s beyond your control. One last check in the mirror before you’re out the door to your fulfillment. Go ahead, Love and enjoy!


Positive Affirmations for Black Women to Increase Confidence and Self-Love Written by Kayla Holder