More Than Enough

Written By: K.Dynae
“I am more than what others have claim me to be. I am a woman with nothing to fear and with my courage, I can conquer any obstacle before me. It is my heart that strengthens my mind, body, and soul in preparation for the journey towards my purpose. I am the epitome of all to come and so much more.”- K.


Somewhere along the way, you lost sight of who you are. It could have been a choice that you made a year ago that you feel like has been haunting you ever since. If you hear nothing else that I have ever said, listen to this: let it go. Allowing your mistakes to define who you are, is exactly what is preventing your growth. Forgive yourself. Forgive the past. Live in the present and prepare for your future. You are more than one decision. Who you are is a combination of every single step that you have taken since the moment you opened your eyes! Why are you punishing yourself? Why do you think that you are not worthy of what you can do? Your herstory was written long before you made your entrance into this world. Doubting your purpose is the setback that is unnecessary. Every moment and every day you affirm who you are becoming. You stand proud of the placed you have gone and the places that you are going. Look into your reflection and see that little girl who only wants to see you flourish. You owe that child you once were, an opportunity to heal from all that
she has survived. She deserves it as much as you deserve to smile. Cry happy tears and believe in the process. It’s not always going to be pretty. The hard work involves sweat, blood, and tears. Keep going.
You got this, Sis.


Readings: “More Than Enough” by Elaine Welteroth