I Know You See It

Written By K. Dynae


“Hey…Sis you just gonna keep avoiding me…like “your destiny” hasn’t just been waiting for you to accept that it involves greatness. Stop putting yourself on a time limit. If it took 9 months to create you, and you still got here when you felt like it…why would you think life would be any different? Get it together and keep going!” -K.

I’m guilty of putting unrealistic goals on myself. I end up stressing myself going around in circles, and then never getting anything done. Or I’d procrastinate until I’m on the brink of losing out. Then I would pull out all the stops to get it done. Once I’m finished, I can’t even enjoy what I’ve done. It was an agonizingly painful self-induced cycle. It took years to become accountable for the fact that I didn’t know how to function unless I was stressed out. I got fed up with the while thing. After I got fed up, I refused to do it again.

The more space that I gave to myself, the easier it became to focus on completing one thing at a time. I turned my daily to-do list into something that I could handle without anxiety. It became a regular to-do list without a due date. I created the freedom to be. There are thins that are out of my control and I choose the peace of being over the stress into it. Abundance flows once you let go. As strange as it may sound, the sooner you give up control the easier things will come to you.

Just think about things this way. Before you were born, your story was already written. The only thing that was left up to you was the choice in roads you could take. Each decision that you have made this far has cultivated the purpose in which you were created. Take that information and accept what is meant for you will happen. Just not in your timing, but when it’s supposed to. Let what doesn’t serve you go. Get rid of whatever it is that’s not for you. You don’t have to consistently carry the baggage of your past. The quicker you accept and let go honestly, the easier it becomes to illustrate your freedom. Stop chasing your destiny and realize that it has always been there. It’s now your moment to fulfill it.



Let That Sh*t Go: Find Peace of Mind and Happiness in Your Everyday Written by Nina Purewal and Kate Petriw