How To Measure For Waist Beads

  • Take a measurement tape and start measuring on the area or part of your waist where you intend to wear or let it lay on.
  • Remember to measure against the bare skin which means that every layer of the clothing should be removed that blocks your waist.
  • For the measurement, stand up straight, hold the tape measure behind you, wrap the measurement tape towards the naval. It should snugly fit it without tightening or digging into any part of the skin.
  • Just give a read to your measurement tape via looking over at the area of the measurement tape that begins to meet the other end of the measurement tape.
  • Double-check the process if still in doubt. You can also repeat the measurement once more to ensure the accuracy of your original measurement.

It's important to measure the correct part of your waist. Where would you like your waist beads to hang?  Typically waist beads fall below the navel, and right above the hips.

Although it depends on you how you wear your waist beads. You can measure yourself above your navel, just at your naval or right above your hips.


NOTE: Repeat the same instructions for our thigh beads…