Being Accountable

Written By K.Dynae

“Yesterday has left with unknown regrets, but the gift of today is waiting to be unwrapped within you.”-K.

Funny how we go soul searching when everything else in our lives are going wrong. Almost as if we wait until the very last second with our backs against the wall, when we finally decide to slow down and figure out just what is really happening. Only when we are out of options and control, that we wave the white flag and finally ask for help. Even in that moment of us asking for help, help looks a certain way and happens when we want it to happen. Never mind the fact of why we are in the predicament in the first place. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found myself repeatedly in that moment. For real, in one way or another, I’m in that scenario. The familiarity that I have with that situation does not stop me from visiting nor does it shorten the amount of time I spend there. The only thing that is for certain is that when I get to that moment, ten times out of ten, I’m there on my own accord. Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve pop up into my head all the time. If I had done this differently or maybe if I would have said, “no” instead of saying, “yes” then I wouldn’t be stuck. Yea well, every time the “next time” occurred, I forgot all about my promises and repeated the dumbness.
Guess it goes without saying that accountability is a major part of anyone’s healing processes. Getting honest with yourself and dealing with the hard stuff isn’t going to be easy. In all the time that it took to create the essence of your being, and the pain bringing you from one realm to the next, why would walking in your purpose be any different? But I promise you that not only is it worth it, but each level of peace that you receive is a breath of fresh air. That call for help in those moments you need it the most, isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of strength to acknowledge that the ball was never in your court to begin with, but in the Creator’s.

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by Iyanla Vanzant