A Little Compassion is Well-Deserved

Written by K.Dynae
Once again, you have outdone yourself. You conquered that first struggle and you made it out of bed to fight another day. Sometimes all you can handle is one battle per moment. That’s perfectly fine. Keep believing in yourself. I have faith in you.” -K.


I read “One Day My Soul Just Opened Up,” and through the exercises I was able to find pieces of myself that I wasn’t honoring. One of those things happened to be the topic of compassion. I realized that I am nowhere near close to having compassion for myself. I thought because I gave whenever it was needed and chose someone else needs over my own, it made me kindhearted and compassionate. When really, all it did was make me the reliable back-up so that no one went without. I’d end up frustrated with myself unable to figure out why I was being treated the way that I was. When in actuality, it was this way because I was too nice or not nice at all. There are other ways to help that didn’t drain my energy. Those ways, instead re-energize me in knowing that it’s teaching the lesson and giving knowledge that I have. I don’t have to be apart of or fuel the issue. I can assist with understanding of conquering and preventing the problem from happening again.

I admit that I have previously hindered myself from being truly compassionate by wanting to save anyone regardless of what it costs me in the end and the fear of looking into my own reflection. The commentary that I read within, “One Day My Soul Just Opened Up,” stated that in order to feel compassionate, one must be able to experience the lesson and the victory for you. I do have moments that I feel like I am beginning to access that power, but the need for control takes over and I am right back to where I started. To be compassionate, I must be able to give compassion that doesn’t take from me but assists in my healing and theirs. There is no need to  be Superman while forgetting you need saving as well Perfection isn’t the requirement. Patience and showing up for yourself, on the other hand, has always been what’s necessary.

Take a moment to breathe. Give yourself some credit for all the things you have done and all the obstacles that you have made it though. Be patient with yourself for learning new habits and new ways to appreciate life. Nothing happens overnight, but with each day that passes find a reason to forgive, and let go of those harsh unrealistic expectations. You are a star worth shining. A one of a kind, custom created purpose of fulfillment. Never forget that your current situation does not represent who you are as a person. It’s nothing more than a temporary opportunity to grow. I love you. Keep pressing forward.


Reading:One Day My Soul Just Opened Up” -Dr. Iyanla Vanzant