8 Herbs For Your Next Bath


Water is known to relax, de-stress, and even detox our bodies. Adding herbs to bath time increases these benefits and is therapeutic for your body and mind. Herbal baths, layered with both fresh and dried natural elements, can be used to fight colds, reduce aches and pains, heal wounds, lift bad moods and soothe everything from uterine cancers to hemorrhoids to irritated skin.

We are inspired by these ancient bathing rituals that promote the healing effects of herbal baths on skincare and overall wellness. Here is a list of herbs that you should consider adding to your bath or you can just purchase one of ours.

relieves pain and provides relief from insect bites.

Eucalyptus opens your lungs and helps you breathe.

Ginger enhances bloodflow to all parts of your body.

Jasmine enhances your mood and refreshes your skin.

Lavender calms your nerves and rejuvenates your skin.


Mint stimulates and heals your skin.


Rose petals relax your body and refresh your skin after a long day.

Rosemary promotes relaxation